Ready to Zing?

July 27, 2009 in Headlines

One of several protoypes for the KSU student ads

Let’s pray to get the fires started!

Does anyone have some matches?

A lighter?

How about a blowtorch?

Let’s start praying the ’09 school year will have more ZING than last year! Remember last year:

Way to go! Is it even possible for 2009 to be more turbulent?

Way to go, NeoXenos! Is it even possible for 2009 to be more turbulent?

Are you ready if He answers our prayer?

We removed “the wraps” off the NeoZine and Web sites, and even is quasi-functional as a decent welcome mat!

Why does it matter? Because we want to launch this year with a clear message and light some fires in this dark corner of the planet: Jesus Christ combats religion with a Revolution-of-the-heart!

But we need more voices speaking up!

Can you stop by the and post some Xenos-style comments on the articles, please? It would help so much to add just one or two thoughts, and they don’t have to complicated or profound. We are ready to invite public participation and build a base of subscribers. There is so much awesome material ready to publish, and much of it from our talented and witty Bloggers at NeoBlogs, too.

The Love Ethics and Scarlet Thread sections are next.

The CBS Grand Opening!

Tom Smith and Bryan Bassett worked tirelessly on the all-new Web site to get it ready for returning students, and they also need your help and comments at their site.

Soon we will run a few ads in the KSU student newspaper to grab Christian students looking for a Revolution, before they get chomped by the jaws and teeth lurking in KSU classrooms, Frat parties, and Emergent churches!

We need another serious prayer session as we head into this school year–and we’re going to do it in a couple weeks, so keep posted!

In the meanwhile, go check out and the!

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