Viva La Revolution!

September 11, 2009 in News

“I’m hooked!”

“This is my place!”


“I’ve been looking everywhere for this!”

“This is so cool!”

The gathering at the Identity Project

So ran the comments on and on from a host of new people crowded into a corner of Jasmine’s Cafe at KSU Thursday night. Not counting adult workers, there were 36 students at the new Identity Project (IP), and this was only its 2nd meeting! About half of the new people were “disenfranchised Millennials” we prayed for this Fall semester, and many brought roommates and friends.

Kyle entertains questions

Kyle McCallum taught “The Corruption of Communion” by Church Institutions through the centuries, which triggered laughter and amazement at the foolishness of the “False Church”, as Ray Stedman calls it:

One is a false church, a counterfeit, masquerading as Christianity, but whose head is Satan. The other is the true church, founded by Jesus Christ, mirroring His authentic character through acts of love, self-sacrifice, courage, and truth. Body Life, Ray Stedman

Kyle’s told stories of Jewish assassins attacking “the Host”, which is communion wafers “transubstantiated” into the literal, physical “body” of Jesus Christ. In one account given under torture during the Inquisition, blood came pouring out of the communion wafer!

It was more like a celebration

The conversations afterward were lively and lasted well past 11 pm, filled with questions and great interest in this “Church Without Walls” paradigm.

Word, the High School group, is equally inundated with a rash of new people, mostly unchurched!

If this activity continues to increase, we will be quickly overrun by the needs, questions and pressures of a revolution on-the-move. It will tax the resources of all our ministries from all age groups, but fortunately the Lord has raised up a large body of competent, mostly-mature (and maturing) Christian leaders and workers at NeoXenos.

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  1. hellz ya its been a fukkin riot!! a revolution is on the move!

  2. Keep up the good work young brothers and sisters!

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