Financial Progress Is Moving…Albeit Slowly

October 21, 2009 in News

Our giving for September was $9,700, which stopped our free-fall crash from this summer. The summer left us with a hangover of concerns haunting us:

  • Each month we need to give about $2,000 above this month’s giving! That means an average of $11,500 per month for the rest of the year...ouch!
  • Our buffer is keeps us dangerously-close to shutting down! We’re $3,000 below the amount needed for one month’s operating expenses

Please remember our finances. It seems like a nuisance, but to our Lord and Savior it is something he calls us to be faithful with (see Lk 16:9-11). All our ministries and ministers depend on it.

We've been running behind most of the year...

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