An Open Letter to All Students

November 17, 2009 in News

Adam explains 'Split Theory'

Dear High School and College Students:

You are the true heroes of this fellowship, there is no doubt.

It’s been amazing to watch how flexible, joyful, willing, and dependent upon the Holy Spirit your faith is. Most (or all) adults in your situation would surely flee from the many trials, persecutions and hardships you people endure with such joy!

And it’s more than your youthfulness producing so much fruit, because people in your age group are typically the most-selfish and uninterested in Jesus. Yet clearly, the majority in your churches break all the trends of your age group, and it’s because of your radical, “take-no-prisoners-alive” faith in Jesus Christ and his Word.

This week you’re all splitting your home churches, and it may seem weird, frightening, uncertain or maybe even difficult, but you’ve already shown the world who’s your “daddy” — and it’s our Savior and King, Jesus Christ. Following that kind of leadership, there’s no way to loose.

Toward that end, we dedicated this video to your most-excellent leadership: see Growth Through Disestablishment.

Keep it up. We’re following right behind you!


An Old Man Faithfully Representing His Generation’s Sentiments

6 responses to An Open Letter to All Students

  1. We’re praying for all of you students! You’re setting great examples for all of us!

  2. It has been such a thrill watching how God has been using you guys this past year! I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you next!

  3. I printed this out. It is soo encouraging! I don’t even know what to say! I have seen people change so much in ways that have to be supernatural. And the thing is, wordies just cannot wait to be used by God. All of the leadership that has been showing itself is remarkable. Like Adam was saying at prayer last night, we are so thankful how the Holy Spirit has been moving in our lives to reach that high school. Soo yeah, thats just what I wanted to say. And I know we are all so thankful for you, Keith for giving us motivation such as this. Continue praying, thanks Body :)

  4. Powerful. What a beautiful thing you guys are part of and what you are doing.

  5. High School and College Students:
    Your fire for God and to do His work is inspiring! It is so cool to see you guys so sold out for the Lord!
    When I was in high school and most of college, I was sold out to the Kosmos- making my way up the ladder to greatness (or attempting to at least).
    From experience, I can definitely tell you, that what the Kosmos says you should be doing with your life right now is NOT fulfilling. It is okay to plan for college and do good in school, but you can still have your heart sold out to God. As long as God is #1 in all things, He will bless your life and use you! I am sure many of you have already experience this.
    It is so exciting to be splitting these student groups! God is truly working in these ministries, it is proof that you guys are willing to do what needs to get done to build the kingdom of God. However, with the excitement, also comes some sadness or maybe some resistance. New things always are scary and the unknown can be freaky. Not being in the same group as some of the people you know is sad. I know when the first CBS split, it was pretty hard. But look at the fruit!
    We would have never grown and so many people would have been suffocated if we had stuck together! So even though it may be a little sad, the benefits so completely out-weigh that! After only a few meetings, it will be evident!
    Just keep praying and relying on God.

  6. It is awesome to see you guys continue time after time, week after week stepping out in faith. taking chances i probably wouldn’t and are not the easiest. but you guys prove that with God all things are possible and that you just need some willingness and faith. keep it up, and i pray for your growth and protection.

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