March 3, 2010 in Headlines

The new & improved Keith McCallum

Elaine Stedman, Pastor Ray Stedman’s wife, calls Keith McCallum “the Firebrand from Ohio.” He will be flying out from Columbus to San Francisco the third week in March.  Keith has been on the forefront of Christian radicalism for thirty years. You can read more about him on his magazine’s web-site link and a little about his plans to visit the West Coast at link. I’m looking forward to meeting him and am planning to drive down to the Bay Area when he flies in – probably with Lambert Dolphin at PBC (Penninsula Bible Church) the church Ray Stedman led for close to thirty years.

Please be in prayer for his visit. Keith’s vision closely corresponds to mine.  He too has been touched deeply by the Luke 14 vision; however, instead of calling those who attend the the supper “the dispossessed,” he calls them the “disestablished” – and includes not just the “down-and-outers,” but students as well – calling them the “unestablished” – meaning persons not yet invested in the “here and now.”  We both place little stock in the “established” – meaning persons who are deeply invested in the “here-and-now” and have, therefore, little interest and little time for the gospel. Keith has played a pivotal role in raising up a church that ministers to almost five thousand persons in and around the Ohio State campus in Columbus. (I’m looking forward next year to Cal, my alma mater, thrashing Ohio State in football.)


  1. Interesting … apparently we all do get a new identity in Christ.

  2. How cool. So funny about the pic

  3. Yes, we do get a new identity, but shouldn’t it be an improvement?

  4. Keith when he finds out you are not Dennis he may not want you to visit anymore :)

  5. agreeing with jcartellone…. keith, ur not as hot as dennis

  6. lmao…well Keith we dont get to choose what our new identity is…ha ha looks like elaine chose it for ya!

  7. Actually, Keith looks like Dennis here, so who’s to know? Keith is the bomb so matter how long or short his hair is.

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