California Revolution Progresses

April 6, 2010 in News

In his recent ministry newsletter, Doug Shearer summarizes their sentiments about our visit together. It’s an education in how our revolutionary ways strikes others:

Keith McCallum is a man after my own heart. Yes, he’s a bit eccentric; but, then again, I’ve never known a revolutionary leader who isn’t. He’s the kind of Christian leader who challenges believers to be authentic – and, yes again, that grates on the sensitivities of men and women who hold to the maxim: “everything in its place and a place for everything.”

I can say this about Keith: his doctrine is “right on” (an old hippie saying that no doubt dates me); his head and heart are in the right place; and he makes salvation of the lost the primary mission of the church – a truth that’s badly neglected among today’s Christians who prefer nurture and safety – and who’ve turned the church into an underground bunker rather than an army of marauders bent on plundering the “devil’s house” for the souls of men and women held captive there.

Furthermore, anyone who comes highly recommended by Elaine Stedman and Lambert Dolphin is very heavy hitter in my book. He cleaves to the pretribulational rapture; but Doug Krieger and I are nudging him in the right direction – and with a little more mentoring on our part I’m sure he’ll come around to a post-tribulational viewpoint (a little good-natured ribbing on our part); but whether he does or not, we’re looking forward to a relationship that will produce much fruit for the kingdom.

Then we also received this excited report from Douglass Krieger:

Brothers Keith and Greg – really enjoyed your communications – Doug and I finally coughed our way through fellowship over you bros. and decided that there is much we have in common – especially, prophecy! Greg gets an A- and Keith needs tutoring, but at this age it might be a loser. [Referring to Keith's pre-tribulation view of the rapture.]

Yep, we need to get out there and enjoy what the Lord has done among you – I’m into the fruit – and the the fruit is good, very good – that’s all I need – that and knowing you brothers are clear on [Emergent leaders] Brian [McLaren] and Erwin [McMannis], sounds good to me. The footsteps of the Messiah can be heard – we’re living close to the events of Matthew 24 – there’s a real urgency in the air, to say the least.

How we can get out there soon enough is in question – so…we’ll see how the Lord works this out somehow…don’t bother on the lingo, we could care less about that – we’re convinced that those who hail from the Church of the Immaculate Perception are living at a level that is so esoteric, in any event, that the earthlings scarcely know their whereabouts in any event…that’s been our lot for so many years that all comedy’s been lost and all that’s left is a bad aftertaste.

What intrigues is the “fellowship of the gospel” or “teaming up for the faith of the gospel” – and in NOTHING terrified by our adversaries…now that’s exciting, even for an old bird.

Finally, for those interested in the real deal, here’s Krieger’s summary of our encounter:

Keith – I forgot to thank you bros. for bringing us back to Bazerkly – to walk the scene again in a somewhat decrepit state of physical exhaustion – we tried to cover it up – I think our bodies were in perfect shape to catch something of the Spirit…why does God have to do it that way?  Guess because otherwise we won’t listen.

Read Lambert’s 2004 piece on your site – great story and so true; that is, and very unfortunate it be, that SOS Ministries is fairly defunct these days.  I guess it could face resurrection if New Life were generated..but old wineskin lurks about as grave-clothes to strangle any possibility.  Most agape-style believers have either succumbed to John Piper’s Covenant-Calvinism or have been blown about by scaramania – a rare disorder demanding signs and wonders preceding, surely not following any gospel message.

Face it, Satan hates Jesus becoming anyone’s friend, certainly not the friend of sinners – that includes everyone, I guess, but most definitely the obvious ones who have no intention of listening to a preacher, that’s for sure.  I think Doug and I are exhausted at playing religious games.  Several years ago Doug started wondering the parks in his neighborhood and sharing Jesus with anything that moved – the results were predictable, many came to Jesus.  For me I began to write about five years ago – figured I might as well do this since I was over 60 and all and it was something the Lord began to bless – we get about 15,000 hits a day from all over the world, and along the way some find Jesus.

Reflecting back on our Jesus Days in the East Bay – putting it bluntly, unbelievable – every day was salvation day for someone and life was very simple.  Again, however, we were blindsided by the coreligionists who sought to kill the life – but God is faithful…

Yeah, Mizzie’s something else alright – also Paul (the smoker) – called me up and wanted to know when we could start a Bible study – gee, think God is doing something here?  Can’t imagine but it’s possible…the fact that so many have lost their proverbial posteriors in this phony recovery should be a perfect opportunity to become twice the child of hell or sons of the living God, I don’t see too much middle ground this time around…got to figure out how to get back to Ohio…

Bless – Doug

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these letters. What an amazing possiblity – to see a salvation a day! Setting captive souls free – such an honor. Your united efforts are an encouragement to me. Continue to keep us updated.

  2. powerful stuff!

  3. It was fun to read how the trip went through the “Dougs” eyes. Thanks for posting this! I hope they can make it out here.

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