Advanced Bible Begins 9/29

September 24, 2010 in Headlines

Everyone is excited about it! Read why!

Commonly known as “LTC”, or “Leadership Theology Class” (but really Leadership Bible Class) for graduates of Basic Doctrine, the class is especially vital for those engaged in teaching, leading and discipleship ministries.  In fact, it is a requirement for members of the DMT (Deacon’s Ministry Team) in our ministries—but only for those who never completed all the LTC courses before. For LTC grads, we will be launching some Challenge Groups soon.

The class begins at 7:30 pm, September 29th, and will be held every other Wednesday for six sessions. Keith McCallum will teach the first week, but this year we are adding Joel Hughes, Mark Michalek and Greg Morscher to the LTC teaching rotation.

The LTC teachers have been meeting for about five months, pouring over the history of theology and other advanced topics in preparation for teaching this class, so students should expect some delightful insights from this session of LTC. The rotation of teachers is a new approach, but is helping us to equip advanced teachers for advanced students.

The class obviously adds some burdens to everyone’s already-busy schedule, but without adequate Bible training, the work of Christian ministry can be quite fruitless and impotent. Spiritual authority is the result, in large part, of deeper biblical knowledge. We are so fortunate to see so many new believers coming out of the World System, and so many ministry opportunities opening up, but all this comes with a price—namely, the need for more competent teachers and leaders.

All students must:

  • Have a NASB with the side-margin cross-references and translation notes in the NASB.
  • Take teaching notes from Central Teachings (that is, teachable outlines).

So gear up, clear the schedules, do whatever is necessary to get your biblical wisdom built-up!

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  1. So I am not sure if I am an LTC grad. I have taken and passed all the classes starting in 2007.

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