September 15, 2008 in Innovation, Leadership

God’s power unleashed in Northeast Ohio — new groups, new people, new leadership, and unusual results – Greg, Joel, Keith and Mark discuss the amazing new ministries underway this Fall in a “Roundtable Discussion”. Let us know what you think of the Podcast!

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  1. Hey Slum Dudes – this was really a great idea. I am going reformat my next teaching (that’s tomorrow)to include a mid teaching discussion. I want to learn to use dialogue effectively in teaching HC.

  2. Is there a way to get this “podcast” on to an iPod?

  3. Thanks, Lisa! We’re continuing a very exciting conversation we’re having about discussion-led teachings.

    Andy, the Podcast URL is supposed to be:

    But, it doesn’t seem to work right now… Will get it working soon, bro, just hang in there!!

  4. I really support the idea of using discussion more in home church. In our home church, the format has always been basically the same as CT but it need not be that way. Especially with a smaller group, discussion and other teaching methods can definitely help. Using the exact same format all of the time can get stale. I was thinking about this as well as this came up. So good luck with this!

  5. Hey Andy, what’s happened to the format of your HC now? Any changes?

  6. Do you think a discussion oriented teaching format requires a different type of preparation? Or is it mostly just a different delivery. I’ve not done this much. It seems to me that some of the preparation time would be spent coming up with intelligent questions that are geared toward controlling the discussion and keeping it on subject. I’m sure it includes teaching straight up for short periods of time too. Poole’s book Seeker Small Groups talks about this and I think his approach attempts to empower the people in attendance to come up with conclusions themselves. I think the name “Discovery Group” fits – people being helped to discover things themselves through thought provoking questions.

    For me, I think one of the biggest challenges is shutting up to let other people talk and discerning when to insert key information and questions. To me, it actually sounds like more work but since “we don’t teach the bible, we teach people” anyway, it’s probably one of the best ways. Maybe people have a chance to get their questions out on the table in a more spontaneous/interactive way, and perhaps that makes it more effective, especially for new people.

  7. Oh yeah, the podcast was pretty cool.

  8. Yes, Craig had a teaching that was heavily discussion based about the ramifications of the fall. There was a ton of sharing including many unabashed questions by someone who was outreach. It was great.

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