Adopting the Calvary Model

April 27, 2008 in News

Calvary leaders warn churches against adopting their model, because “they teach that immitation is carnal,” Dennis said. “Chuck teaches that you need to get your own vision from God.”

But “they have a good, hot theology of ministry,” Dennis added. “It’s already affected Columbus significantly, but not how they do church, though.” He said Xenos churches will benefit from examiningthe following issues closely and considering how to impliment them.

  • The Word must to receive the primary focus in ministry. Chuck starts at the beginning of the Bible and teaches it all the way through. “It’s about a 7-year cycle,” Dennis said.
  • They don’t pursue “spiritual hype,” which means they don’t rely on programs and structures for their growth. Rather, “The Lord must build the house, or all our laboring in vain.” The less we rely on structure, the more the Holy Spirit can work, and “we need to keep flesh out of it,” Chuck teaches. “Counting heads is a terrible snare. Rather, realize ‘these are the people the Lord’s given me to lead today,’” Chuck teaches.
  • They rely heavily on prayer and prayer groups. Chuck Smith has an excellent book available for free on the Web.
  • They maintain a healthy understanding of God’s role in ministry. “Chuck says the job for leaders is to feed the flock, and tend it. It’s not your job to add numbers to the church…Chuck does not preach the gospel when he teaches, and his preaching style is not very impressive.”
  • They maintain that church growth comes from godly shepherding. Chuck says his gifting is not evangelism, but rather shepherding, and “Healthy sheep produce more sheep. When you’re faithful with a few it leads to becoming faithful with many,” Chuck teaches.
  • Our primary goal as Christ’s people is to live for the Kingdom of God, bring glory to Him, “and then you’ll be used by God. Only those people who’re totally surrendered to JC will succeed,” Chuck teaches. “Exalting myself is folly! Success is a dangerous thing. It keeps you from prayer. Promotion comes from God, not us. Don’t spend time promoting yourself!”

In one sentence Dennis summarized their key strengths: “The key to ministry is the power of the Holy Spirit working through His Word.”

Calvary’s Most Potent Weapon

Next Up: more Calvary Chapel secrets, including one with potentially-explosive impact on the way Xenos approaches ministry.

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  1. Kate said on May 21, 2008

    you know this guy reminds me of the apostle John a lot, because he assumes that if people are truly Christians they will follow the Lord and do what He asks. I completely agree with them both! if we truly are Christians and are listening to the Holy Spirit like we’re supposed to then we will be following God’s will for our lives. i think that it is very important that from the very start of a Christian’s life we emphasize this fact and emphasize God’s grace being the only thing that really matters in this life. this will be a good perspective as we start our group in the fall.

  2. agrees, but with this it can not be helped, it is in their blood

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