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Macho Man Comes to Summer Institute

June 3, 2008 in Headlines

Ever heard this guy before? Mark Driscoll is his name. Take a look at his crazy YouTube video to see what’s coming to the Summer Institute:


If you haven’t yet signed up for XSI, you need to!

Attention Home Church Leaders: they want us to get registered before the usual NeoXenos schedule! Talk about it, do it, go register at http://neoxenos.org/xsi …

For students it only costs $5. For the rest of us it’s $15, but that ain’t bad at all!

6 responses to Macho Man Comes to Summer Institute

  1. How can we register on-line and still get the discounted rate?

  2. kmcc said on June 4, 2008

    that’s a good question – we’ll have to ask trina

  3. There is a thread about this under the talk line. You can register online, say that you are a Xenos member in the appropriate box. Adults are 20.00 not 15.00. Students are 5.00

  4. I’m very excited to hear more from Mark. I listened to the mp3 on the multi-site church. I would like to hear more.

  5. You’ve got the add an “H” syndrome going again – _”Drischoll”. You’ll just add an H to names and other words every now and then. I can’t figure out if its intentional or what, but it is strange.

  6. Allright, Jallie, you’re a funny guy. There’s a lot of words that have a “choll” in them, like “Nichole” and “school” and “blenochole” and other words!

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