Baptisms 2010! What Happened?

November 21, 2010 in News

Kyle teaches on John the Baptist

By Elli Morscher

On Sunday, September 12, NeoXenos held their annual baptisms at West Branch State Park, on the beach by the lake. The baptisms are held every year to give people the opportunity to proclaim their faith and how God has changed them. Many different people come together for this highly anticipated get together bringing friends, family and fellowship.

To start the day, Kyle McCallum shared about John the Baptist reading from Matthew 3. He pointed out that John the Baptists’ mission was to pave the way for Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:3-4) Kyle linked the real meaning for baptism: symbolism. Being dunked shows how, as followers of Christ, they are submerged in the Holy Spirit. All in all, baptism is a celebrating the fact that their names are recorded in heaven.

A group of 23 people proclaimed their faith in Jesus Christ that day. People told stories of their lives before meeting Jesus, and how he redeemed them from dysfunctional home situations.

Brenda Balut, a Kent State student in the college bible study, Identity Project, sought love from guys. She suffered through emotionally, mentally and physically abusive relationships and was convinced “this is love.” Brenda met the Identity Project crew at a dance hosted by Kent State and was saved months later. She also started reaching out to her friend, Erin Whisbey, and helped lead her to Christ. Brenda had the honor of baptizing Erin right after herself.

more than 100 people gathered and West Branch State Park to hear testimonies

Others told how they learned gratefulness for being raised in a Christian home they took for granted.

Ryan, from the high school Bible study, Word, is a “Xenos kid.” He grew up with loving parents who taught him the Bible. It took him a long time to make his own choice to follow God, and he would say he accepted Christ many times just to fit in. It wasn’t until important friends in his life stood up to him and convicted him of his need for the Lord’s grace that he decided he would make the decision authentically.

In all, 11 high schoolers, nine college students and four post-college adults were baptized. People spent the entire day watching the testimonies and celebrating with the new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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