Progressive Prayerfest 2011!

January 5, 2011 in News

Come one come all to the prayer event of the year this Saturday night at 6 p.m! CT is cancelled to make way for the 2011 Progressive Prayerfest, a night-long event where different ministry groups travel to different stations to pray about different topics and fellowship with each other. It’s a time to get educated about what God is doing in our church and talk with him about it. If you can’t handle some radical prayer, then stay home and watch SNL!  Each ministry will be in charge of making some food and drinks to share with everyone.  Your ministry will begin at one of four locations:

Word: meet at the Morscher’s house @6. Bring Desserts!

IP: Meet at the McCallum’s house @6. Bring Appetizers!

Michalek/Hughes home church: Meet at the Yoerger’s house @6. Bring salad and fruit!

Stow Homechurch: Meet at the Howell’s @6: Bring the main course!

Parents can drop off their kids at the Howell’s house. They will have a blast watching movies and playing games! After one hour of praying, each ministry will move to a new location. The rotation will be as follows:

Morscher’s–> McCallum’s–> Yoerger’s–> Howell’s–>

Each home church will provide a Powerpoint or handout to keep at their respective starting locations to clue the other groups in on what to pray for. The elders are getting together this weekend at a nice woodland retreat to discuss the future of NeoXenos. We must pray that our leaders can get direction and insight from the Holy Spirit, and that any problems can be resolved. We have had such a successful and powerful year as a church, and we have much to thank God for! Here are some ideas to help ministry leaders get started preparing prayer lists.


  • raise up student leaders
  • combat spiritual apathy
  • incorporate new Christians
  • Students take on spiritual walks
  • pray for adult leaders taking on this additional responsibility
  • boldness with outreach
  • raising up new teachers
  • high school transition into college


  • Incorporate new Christians
  • IP retreat coming up
  • Weigh college commitments with ministry
  • save drifting members
  • Church planting opportunities in Buffalo
  • Protection from the evil one on Kent State campus


  • Kids need to get interested and involved
  • Leaders need to get more excited, have more fun events
  • the girls and boys are becoming snotty teenagers…
  • convince kids Jesus is cool and worth checking out
  • help kids understand the simple yet profound messages of the Bible


  • Support of each other’s ministries
  • Challenge fellow leaders in a constructive way
  • Support of leadership
  • Communication
  • establish unity after the recent recombination
  • Get discovery group launched

Stow home church

  • Unity after recent recombination
  • Start reaching out to many new middle-aged people at CT
  • Boldness with outreach
  • Kids are bringing their parents to CT!
  • Pray for existing outreach

Please add to this list in the comment field below! I know there are things to pray for in Oasis and JHQ too! Let’s make this a night to remember!

If you have any questions, post a comment or call Kyle at 330-475-9250.

Come and you'll make Connor happy

6 responses to Progressive Prayerfest 2011!

  1. Connor reacting to sunday doodles being closed?

  2. For IP and even Word, the new ministry apartments that are going to happen next school year. People coming into a ministry apartment and people getting new apartment buddies.

  3. under Michalek/Hughes aka “the double rainbow”-

    - direction with the outreach we have with young/married international couples (and even singles). There are alot of opportunities at KSU – but separate from IP.
    - as Justin Beiber would say “baby, baby, baby ooooohhhh!”
    what will we do wit all dem babies/toddlers at CT?
    - South Street????

    • as far as I know we are not a part of south street anymore… is being led by other people…i would like people to pray about Dan Haney and I (Sara Cartellone) starting a DG in Parma

  4. *Being strategic with all the many outreach opportunities
    *Maintain healthy marriages and family life
    *That older christians would not fall into a couch potato christian life.
    *Start up a DG (Lina?, Rich?) Need insight

  5. cool thanks for all the replies! I wrote them all down.

    We also need to pray for the old folks ministry headed by Joe Allie. (not that he would answer his phone to talk about it, though.)

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