DMT Retreat Nears!

September 16, 2008 in Headlines

On September 26-28 about thirty NeoXenos leaders will gather for a retreat near scenic Marblehead Light House, a favorite attraction for campers at East Harbor State Park.

This is an intense year of new ministries and growth, increasing the need for more Deacon Ministry Teams (DMTs). Experienced leaders are stepping into new ministries and new leaders are needed to replace them.

The recent “Multi-Site” conference in Chicago raised several topics for this year’s DMT Retreat, such as changes in teaching format, “apprenticeships”, online education, and new ideas for home group multiplication.

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  1. This is exciting – I attempted the mid teaching discussion – It seemed to draw people into it more. Hard to say when you are the one teaching – but folks helped to carry thy burden of my teaching – and the discussion at the end was rich as well.
    All -n – all it went better than I expected. It would be cool to have a class that teaches how to lead discussions. I know I could benefit from that!

  2. That should read my burden … not thy burden.

  3. Well, we tried it out at Sunday CT… I wonder what people thought of that!

  4. I liked the MC angle – lightened up the mood and engaged folks.
    Tom did a nice job opening up – again people seemed to be drawn in to the personal element.

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