Ministry On-the-Go

September 14, 2008 in Innovation

The Portal at Basecamp is finally ready, and it is the finishing touch to The Great Basecamp Migration of 2008. Everybody’s been amazingly kind while our communications were (at times) disrupted while moving from the old Basecamp. But it was worthwhile, because the activity and posts have more than doubled, and the feedback says Basecamp II is working.

Please Note: soon you can log into The Portal or Basecamp II, but for now please log into Basecamp II.

But Basecamp is a little noisy with all the new activity. So The Portal helps you get a better picture. Like the “NeoNews” at the old Basecamp, important news and announcements are placed up-front, and it’s easier to get a quick snapshot of all the activity.

Here’s what The Portal brings:

  • Better access for mobile devices (use for the best results).
  • News and announcements on theĀ front page, in one place.
  • A Site Map to find all your NeoXenos Web stuff.
  • Activity summaries from the forums, blogs, NeoZine, podcasts, and other news.

8 responses to Ministry On-the-Go

  1. This is the first-ever Basecamp II comment! What an honor and a distinction!

  2. I got the second comment!

  3. Looks like Neil B is on the road to getting special stars again!

  4. Joe said on May 13, 2008

    Is that Tilly’s butt on the banner…wait it actually looks more like Patch’s. RIP Patch!

  5. Rick said on May 14, 2008

    Tilly’s getting ready to crap. Therefore, Lisa’s email should read, “Oh crap!” Probably how some will feel when they hear of this ‘Basecamp II’ thingy. 8-)

  6. Rick said on May 14, 2008

    Must we use the old Basecamp too, or is everything available on the new one?

  7. We will be SLOWLY migrating our various wonderful groups here. The Hughes HC will be the first to pave the way, I think. They seem brave enough.

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