Double Rainbow home church splits

April 7, 2011 in News

By Kyle McCallum

Declining outreach numbers and attendance forced the Hughes/Michalek, a.k.a. Double Rainbow, home church to split back into its

original two Bible studies.

“It was cool getting back to the original relationships when we recombined,” Hughes home church teacher Jake Lagotte said. “But I think God wanted us to reconcile relationships in our separate home churches.”

The post-college Bible study split into two home churches in 2008 when the size of the group was becoming hard to maintain. Three years later, the two recombined when both were seeing a decline in growth.

“The idea was that our separate gifts would complement each other, and we would get more outreach opportunities,” Jake said.

Jackie Leon of the Michalek home church said one goal of the recombination was to establish new joint discovery groups. She said they found out they did not have enough interested outreach.

Jackie said she liked the recombination because she made new relationships with members of the Hughes home church.

“I initially hated the idea of splitting again,” she said. “But I totally understand the reasons we have to. I had to repent.”

Jake described the first meeting of his newly split home church as positive. He said They had a first time attendee, and Joe Allie came through with an excellent teaching out of 1 Corinthians.

Michalek home church leader Diana Michalek said the split  was needed.

“it’s pretty clear that they are better off re-split,” she said. “Each church has people who are ready and willing to lead their side and we don’t want to stand in their way.”

Jackie said it will be important to keep relationships between the two home churches strong after the split.

“As long as we stay united in the Spirit, we’ll be fine.”

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