FST Retreat rallies support

February 26, 2011 in News

We did it! Our people rose to the challenge and surpassed our pledge goal by more than $2,000!

At the 2011 FST Retreat, Greg Morscher explained our usual goal is to reach 90 percent of our $130,000 budget in pledges. The $117,000 goal was surpassed by the end of the night. This is significant in light of the recent 20 percent budget increase.

The elders said the increase includes a 5 percent annual raise to Keith’s salary and the addition of two interns. Elder Mark Michalek said these interns are valuable because they perform logistical tasks like Website management, writing articles, producing podcasts and videos, and help run ministries, all at a cheap cost. Mark said the addition of church employees is a significant step forward for NeoXenos.

Although the pledge goal has been reached, Greg and Keith said the need for more financial support is still strong. The Lord is opening new doors for church planting in Buffalo, New York, and God is giving us more local contacts every month.

The latest contact, Ryan Kozey, is a seasoned minister working at the Chapel in Buffalo. He is an expert in networking with other churches, and he gave us some helpful information about the University of Buffalo. He was also in hearty agreement with our stance on the Emergent Church, which you can read more about at www.keithmccallum.net.

At the FST Retreat, Keith laid out some burdens the Lord has been giving him. He explained the idea of “Pagan Christianity”. He said churches should focus on pagan (or non-Christian) growth instead of relying on transfer growth. That is what it truly means to reach the lost.

Keith also argued against the emergent church, a post-modern Christian movement rising that denies objective truth. Read more on Keith’s critique of the Emergent Church on his blog.

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