Podcast – 2011 Servant Team Retreat

May 7, 2011 in News

The location of the 2011 Servant Team Retreat

Joe Allie, Keith McCallum and Kyle McCallum discuss the ins and outs of the Xenos 2011 Servant Team Retreat, near Sandusky, Ohio. Keith interviews Joe and Kyle on their impressions of the retreat, as well as questioning them on the subject matter that most impacted them. Topics ranged from prayer, to discipleship, to what makes a real ‘man of god,’ to materialism, and then to the retreat experience as a whole.

Listen to the teachings at Xenos.Org.


Click here to listen to the podcast.

6 responses to Podcast – 2011 Servant Team Retreat

  1. hmmm… i can only hear the soothing voice of smooth jazz. Seems like kyle’s voice and Joe’s voice have been edited out.

  2. so where can I get these teachings??

  3. I will make these teachings available to you guys as they become available to us. Hudock, I’m checking w/ my “Sound Engineer” about that podcast problem. Thanks for letting us know, bro…

  4. Audio was edited a few days ago, just forgot to post comment about it.

  5. Fun podcast guys, thanks for posting!

  6. Notice the article now contains a link to the teachings in question.

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