Why Basecamp is Superior to Facebook

May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

People often ask, “Why, whither, whence Basecamp when we have Facebook?” The question betrays a certain naivete about the enormous cost of taking your business to Facebook, but everyone should consider a few basic facts about Facebook before they bow before Mark Zuckerberg (the owner) to kiss his papal ring. Did you know that:

  • Zuckerberg and his child Frankenstein (Facebook, Inc.) are drowning in lawsuits over unethical and unadvertised use of our private info on Facebook? Quite often these lawsuits come from governments, especially the United States, so they are not frivolous complaints.
  • Zuckerberg & Co. own the copyright on anything you post in Facebook? For example, your personal pictures…think about the horror of having Keith pictures suddenly appearing on commercials for AARP!
  • Zuckerberg & Co. will guard our personal info from spammers and advertisers, then suddenly drop those safeguards, depending on economic opportunity? Facebook notoriously leans toward benefiting commercial advertisers at the expense of individual customers (or obvious reasons, like $$$). Protection for individual users occurs only after strong, government intervention (and only as long as the pressure is on). For example, Facebook announced last week they will now keep your personal data “as long as necessary” even after you deleted it from Facebook.
  • People have lost their jobs or lost job opportunities because they posted something on Facebook that Zuckerberg & Co.sold to those employers? This includes the info you deleted after realizing how uncool and damaging your info was. Like Karma, there is no forgiveness at Facebook.

Zuckerberg & Co. is ruthlessly selling info about you, your list of friends and anything you post. That sucks.

On the other hand, at Basecamp:

  • Your personal info and friends are invisible to the outside world.
  • We don’t sell anything to anyone.
  • The only people who see your info and conversations at Basecamp are those in the group you belong to.
  • When you delete something, it’s gone. We do maintain a backup of the data, so it may take a few days before it’s entirely erased, but still Basecamp is immediately silent on your deleted material.

It is highly advised that you discuss any sensitive info face-to-face with those concerned, because once you’ve written it down, it will be used against you, if possible.


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  1. That’s all fine and well, but why can’t I access any information? Trying to find out where CT is this week and I’m not any active pages.

    • Lisa, our apologies. It seems like the forums were down for a couple of days. Still, CT’s place and time was listed in the calendar on the right-hand side of the page, as well as tweeted from @neoxenos,
      Again, our apologies for the inconvenience.

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