New Discovery Group Discovered!

October 16, 2008 in Headlines

The Cool Poole-Pollock Ideas

[callout]The fearless Howells and Morschers launched a Discovery Group of their own[/callout]

First there was Doug Pollack’s book “Irresistible Evangelism” and his presentation two years in a row at the Summer Institute. Then there was the somewhat alien (by Xenos standards) “Bush Group” approach of Gary Poole’s book “Seeker Small Groups” and it’s plethora of real-world examples. Then there was the Xenos example of the fearless Howells and Morschers who launched a Discovery Group of their own.

Hearing their stories caused excitement and interest. Then the clip from the Dawkins/Lennox debate at CT attracted us and reminded me of our training in apologetics. Our men’s cell group viewed the entire Dawkins/Lennox Debate DVD. It was a ready-made presentation for an outreach group. We decided to invite some non-Christian friends to view and discuss the debate. Call it “Delusion I” (a play on the “God Delusion” title of Dawkins’ book).

Great Resources

[callout]We get so defensive when we witness to unbelievers[/callout]

Our group set the date, and Michael and Rick listened to audio versions of Dawkins’ “God Delusion” book. We found a wealth of online resources at William Lane Craig’s site (, including debates and great evidence to believe in the Bible. In one of his audio files Craig said, “We get so defensive when we witness to unbelievers when we don’t know good answers to the questions or objections unbelievers give.”

I was amazed at the sophistication of the arguments piling up over the centuries. When compared to Dawkins’ arguments against Christianity, I really began feeling embarrassed for him. He did little to prove atheism or disprove theism.

It’s great to know the evidence for God’s existence for several good reasons:

  1. Great evidence is available!
  2. It’s very difficult to answer Christian evidence in one night.
  3. Since it may take several nights, weeks or even months to plumb the depths, it’s a new Discovery Group approach!

Then we prayed and prayed again and again.


Alas, two self proclaiming atheists and an agnostic showed up from Michael Toth’s long list of friends (one even grew up in the Riverwood Community Church!). Following a relatively short time of getting acquainted while eating hors ‘dourves prepared by chef Jordan, Michael, Bill, Katrina & I sat down with our guests to watch the first half of the debate DVD.

I thought, “Whoa, I have no idea where this is going…I may have to bite my tongue.”

I believe Lina was right in her Discover Group article: when you provide a safe forum in which to discuss the “big” questions of life, non-Christians feel comfortable enough to discuss their own views. One of our guests admitted to being a “closet atheist” in her work environment for fear of how fellow work associates might react to that fact. She apparently felt totally at ease sharing that with us. That was cool beans man!

The issues were varied and strayed from those brought up in the first half of the DVD. We determined “rabbit trails” to be fine for now. In fact, very little control was exercised.

Then one very interesting question came up: “What would it take for you to lose your faith?” Without blinking, Bill said, “if Christ had not been raised, our faith is worthless.” And I added, “Yeah, the Apostle Paul said we would be of all men most to be pitied.”

Is it possible to begin a potential Discovery Group, deliver your testimony and the gospel, all in the first night? Sure it is! We did it! It really happened so naturally.

Our guests are looking forward to “Delusion II” on Friday, October 17, 2008 and apparently an additional person will come along.

Please pray for us!

6 responses to New Discovery Group Discovered!

  1. Awesome Rick, how did it go last night?

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is such a creative idea. I can’t wait for an update.

  3. We knew we were going to be down to two of the three people that came to “Delusion I”. One person had a death in her extended family and couldn’t make it. The “additional person” mentioned above, wasn’t able to make it either. One of the guys made it back but we opted to postpone “Delusion II”, although I did try to introduce some conversation about Dawkins and the debate material. He hung out from 7:30 to ~ midnight and we watched a movie which was somewhat relevant. Conversation was good and I think he had a good time.

  4. I’m curious what his response was when you said, “we would be of all men most to be pitied.”

  5. She didn’t have much of a response. I think she was digesting the answer. It might be a good follow-up question in view of the fact that Dawkins is saying people that believe in God are delusional.

  6. Political correctness is deemed obsolete when the truth is at stake. Peoples lives hang in the balance.

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