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February 7, 2009 in Welcome

Welcome to The Portal for our Basecamp where Xenos Christian Fellowship ministries touch base, share resources and get the latest news.

  • Sign up for Basecamp, if you’re involved in a northern Ohio Xenos ministry. If you need the registration code, just contact us or ask someone in your ministry group .
  • Sign Up for the Portal Newsletter — delivered to your email address to get news updates.
  • Log In to Basecamp if you’re already registered.

Useful Webs:

NeoXenos Home Page The NeoZine Podcast Central
Ministries, meetings,
and all about it.
eZine articles,
Love Ethics
Bible studies online.
Crossroads Bible Study
Blogs at NeoXenos
The Bible at a Crossroads:
meeting at Kent State
From the blogosphere:

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