Take the 2009 Pledge Plunge!

February 10, 2009 in News

We’re now collecting our pledges for 2009, after presenting the bare minimum we need to continue our ministry efforts in 2009. Please prayerfully consider how much you can possible contribute!  So far we’ve received only $84,000 of the $110,000 we needed as pledges to keep meeting every other week for CT.


We really need these pledges in order to make responsible choices and commitments!

All eyes are fixed on the "Jesus Headquarters" ministry presented by Terry and Jordan. Read about more FST Retreat 2009 pictures below...

Your pledge will be kept private, of course. We don’t motivate through shame or compulsion. In the final analysis, your pledge is a promise between you and Jesus Christ alone, but it’s also a commitment that is received as a blessing for so many other people this ministry affects.

Pledge Form

Fill out the following form and press the button to send it to Katrina Yoerger. You’ll receive a confirmation email.

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  1. Where’s the “pledge thermometer?” OK, that’s too hokey, but how are we doing as a fellowship? Seems like we need more based on what was said at FST.

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