The Big Transition

February 27, 2009 in News

So this Saturday (2/28) is our last week studying Galatians, and it closes with a bang!

Galatians 6 is probably the sweetest chapter for our fellowship. It’s the “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ” chapter, where Paul really clarifies how radically-different this “New Testament” way of life is. The concept of a “religion” that impacts human relationships so profoundly was simply unheard-of. Today there still is no parallel.

Read the NeoZine’s latest about the revolution of the heart which Jesus introduced; what a radical alternative to the World’s way of doing business! (There’s also some very interesting dialog with advocates of Christian ritualism–it’s worth reading.)

Next up?

Paul’s second letter in the New Testament, the book of 1 Thessolonians. Like Galatians, that this study will take us into the earliest moments in the birth of Christianity. It’s quite an astonishing book, even for Paul who was writing it.

But also we’re moving into new territory now for our Central Teaching habitat, and invading the Kent State University campus!

This truly opens new doors for our fellowship, (as if we didn’t already have many open doors!) but in many ways it is the fulfillment of a marvelous dream for some of us. We’ve been trying for years to bring a vital outreach into that very campus. and here we are: back again! Who would’ve guessed it?

Bowman Hall, near the Student Center

Bowman Hall, near the Student Center

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