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March 4, 2009 in News

Did you know our traffic at NeoZine and NeoBlogs has topped over 1,000 unique visitors per day? (And that number doesn’t even include all the spiders that come crawling along behind the visitors.) The traffic was so heavy last week, both sites came “down”, so we moved NeoZine and NeoBlogs to two different servers.

Visitors are coming from all over the world, too! New Zealand, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany…even Communist China! Some even leave amazing comments:

I was looking up the passage in Matt 12:43 about waterless places and found your website. Thank you for creating your site it has helped me so much and now i realize God’s direction I can work towards fixing this issue in our family. Thanks for allowing God to work through whomever created this site. Lisa, regarding Heart-Felt Ingratitude

Life is a rocky road, life is rough yet beautiful. He blest me today that I discover God is Great! Dr. Maria Magdalena B. Sabando (Phillipines)

So now Lisa Beech and Darlene McCallum combed through our blogs, and now they’ve created The Best of the NeoBlogs, a page at the NeoBlogs front page that lists some very useful articles. This is a great way to catch up with our blogosphere! Plus, we’re amassing a rich repository of useful articles and writings from some of our hard-working bloggers.

They’ve broken these articles into the following categories:

  • Parenting: From our Paarenting Classes and Neozine articles on Love Ethics, we are concerned about parenting issues.
  • Love Ethics: Jesus is all about Love Ethics, not arbitrary ethics. The following blogs grapple with  Love Ethics and the issues they raise.
  • Youth: Our fellowship focuses on reaching youth, which is a growing problem for Christians. These blogs help identify important youth issues.
  • Grace: If we were only allowed to talk about only one thing, we’d talk about the grace of God.
  • The Law and The Gospel: These articles could be under the grace category, but we separated them to make the point: it’s a choice between Law and Grace, in the Gospel.
  • Discipleship: Discipleship is at the heart of everything we do. Matthew 28:18-20 is the command by which we do it.
  • Christ Jesus: We’re so crazy about Him it’s hard to know what blurb could express that!
  • Philosophy: The Gospel message is undergoing unprecedented challenge today, and we’ve got some bloggers who rise to the occasion.
  • The Church: No church has been as successful as the 1st Century Church.
  • Gratitude: We train our kids to say “please” and “thank you,” but are we as parents grateful?
  • Identity: To receive Christ means so much more than forgiveness of sins. A “new identity” is God’s gift to us too often overlooked by Christian.
  • Radical Christianity: Articles that discuss radical ideas for radical Christians.

But there’s more interesting developments underway at NeoBlogs:

And some very useful links for NeoZine:

  • RSS News Feed for comments and debates coming from all over the place.
  • RSS News Feed for articles as they get posted.
  • The “Church Tradition Debate” is an enlightening exchange with supporters of Christian ritualism. They didn’t like “The Fear Factor” article about church history. Read the exchange and learn something about the history of the church!

Several more new bloggers have joined the conversation, so keep your eyes open for more activity!

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  1. ah, none of my blogs made it!

  2. Don’t despair, Jeff. We are still combing through everyone’s work. Perhaps one will make it! ALso, I haven’t seen any new work from you. Writer’s block?

  3. Oh this is so great guys. Thanks!

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