Meet BaseCamp 3 (Read before beginning!)

This page is designed as a guide to get you, the user, learning how to use our new system for forums. While not an exhaustive guide, the information here will give you more than enough to get started. For any further questions, contact Robert, or Trina at

Getting Started

FIrst thing to do is log in. Right now you’re on the home page. (In a couple weeks or so, this will get changed to be your forum page. I’m just setting this for a bit to allow folks to get acclimated to the new system.) At the top of the page is a large banner image. On the right of that is your navigation menu. (It has a few tabs, such as “Forums,” “Recent Posts” and “Groups”) Those are the places you can go on the site.

Under the menu bar is your username, and probably a blank silhouette. First thing you should do on logging in is go to your profile, and update your information. Many of you have old, outdated email addresses, or you don’t have your name associated with your username, (aherbers as opposed to Alex Herbers.) So, click on your username, and it’ll take you to your profile. From there, you’ll have a menu bar that says “Activity, Profile, Messages (your inbox), Groups (the list of groups you’ve been added to), Forums (The forums for those groups,) and Settings.) Go to the “Profile” tab, and click edit. Add your name, and your home group, and then fill out the other forms if you feel so inclined. Then go to “Change Avatar” under profile, and upload a picture of yourself. This makes identifying people on forums much easier, and it’s kind of fun. After that, go to the “settings” page, and update any out of date information. (Email address, or change your password if you would like.)

There, your profile and information are updated!

Navigating Basecamp

At the very top of the page, above the Basecamp 3 Banner, you’ll see a dark grey bar. That’s your command bar. It’s your main navigation for Basecamp. Clicking on “Basecamp 3″ will take you back to the homepage. The “My Account” button is a nifty dropdown menu. Hovering over it, you’ll see a bunch of options


- This tells you what’s been going on in the social aspect of basecamp 3. People who have mentioned you, what you’ve been up to. It’s kind of like Facebook and Twitter in that aspect. But better.


- You can view and edit your profile from here, as well as updating your avatar.


- You can view your inbox, your sent messages, compose a new message, and see site-wide notices people have sent out.


- Brings you to see the groups that you are a member of, as well as any new invites to groups you may have.


- Views all of the forums you’re a member of, as well as topics you have started, and topics you have replied to.


- Here’s where you can change your account settings, email address, password, and whatnot.


Groups and forums are organized the same way as Basecamp II.

If you don’t see any groups that you’re a part of, that means that your particular homechurch/group leader(s) haven’t added you to that group yet. Contact your leaders and let them know, or contact Alex or Trina at the email addresses listed at the top of this page.

Forums are inside groups, so once you’re on a group’s page, you’ll need to navigate to the forum tab in order to view the forum, or post a new topic.

When posting a new topic, you can add a title, some content, and attach a file for people to download if you’d like. As well as making a topic “sticky” (which means it’ll stay at the top of the forum, or closing a topic (which means leaving it viewable, but no new replies can be added,) editing it, or deleting it altogether.

Also, group avatars can be changed by the admins of the group. Right now, there are some basic avatars up, but feel free to change them!

8 responses to Meet BaseCamp 3 (Read before beginning!)

  1. Umm,,.I’ve had trouble with malware on basecamp as of today – will new information be contaminated?

    • I’m not sure what you mean. Are you asking if information you create on Basecamp 3 will be contaminated? Or if information you’ve recently added to basecamp 2 will be contaminated?
      Also, what do you mean by “information?”

  2. What I mean by information is this. Old basecamp information that is to be transferred into basecamp 3 could have html tags that have malcious content hidden within them. These would have been placed in the basecamp 2 through some virus or whatever (I’m not an internet securities person). If you transferred infect files – that information will now be on basecamp 3 giving whoever got onto bc2 a way into the new site. I’m not a programmer, but I do know that this is one way hackers get into sites – it’s one way they steal identity and get codes to sites.

    • Okay, I understand what you mean now. if all that people are moving over are word documents, powerpoints, text, and things like that (no HTML code) then we should be fine.

  3. Also, people need to be cautious what they move from one site to another, as a virus can be transferred in this manner – this is a common way into secure sites – site users move information from one site to another & can potentially infect the new site – the hackers need to do hardly anything to corrupt your site and steal whatever information they want.

    Basecamp 2 is still actively infected – as of Thursday, Feb 16th. It was attempting to attack my computer. I just wanted to make certain you all were cautious when transferring data. Any data with an html tag could be potentially dangerous.

    It would be a shame for the new site to also be infected before we even get to use it. But then again, I am not an IT person, so I could be full of bologna – a securities person was just talking to me about this the other day and I thought – oh no what if…

  4. Hey, how do you register a user id and password on Basecamp 3? Not sure if the “Important” section was talking about how to do this or not… Either way I’m confused. Just want to keep posted on what all you guys are up to nowadays.

    Also, Basecamp II has security issues? Hope that isn’t the case, would hate to see Xenos getting hacker traffic =/ I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from me, but if you need any help with trying to secure the website, I’m game. Had a hard lesson on hacker-proofing things in these last few months, and needless to say I’m pretty well versed now haha.

    • Hi Matt! I believe you can register yourself when you try to sign in, just like with Twitter or Facebook accounts, but you would need to be an Admin to add other users. HOWEVER, we can make it possible for you to INVITE others. I will get back to you soon on this.

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