• God’s power unleashed in Northeast Ohio — new groups, new people, new leadership, and unusual results – Greg, Joel, Keith and Mark discuss the amazing new ministries underway this Fall in a “Roundtable […]

  • South Street
    We were greeted by the hum of plastic wheels spinning on glazed wood accompanied by flashing multi-colored lights. We found ourselves serving the poor by roller skating, but we were having so much fun […]

  • ThumbnailLook for yourself — can you explain what they could possibly be doing? Confused? Give up? Here’s a hint: she doesn’t normally look this way! […]

  • ThumbnailDisregarding the Mafia Chicago is the city of Al Capone and Mafia politics, but it will be swamped this week by hundreds of Christian leaders, and four of them are NeoXenos ministry leaders: Joel Hughes, Keith […]

  • Still interested in the implications from the 2008 Servant Team Retreat? There were many positive elements, but the STR also raised confusing issues. Read about the potential fallout and join the discussion about […]

  • Calvary leaders warn churches against adopting their model, because “they teach that immitation is carnal,” Dennis said. “Chuck teaches that you need to get your own vision from God.”

    But “they have a good, hot […]

  • ThumbnailYears of searching, questioning and cross-country travel were involved. Xenos sent teams of researchers to scores of growing, cutting-edge churches across America. Yet for all those hours and money invested, the […]