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Every evening at bedtime, my mother would read to me and my siblings from a Bible story book, and then we'd all pray. One evening after the others had gone to sleep, Mom started to explain to me why and how Jesus paid the price for our sins through his death and resurrection. She then asked me if I would like to ask Jesus "into my heart" to be my Savior. I said "Yes, " and we prayed together. As a child and teenager my mother had never known that she could be sure of her salvation; in her church one had to pray for salvation repeatedly, which finally caused her and her brother to leave that church for another where the assurance of eternal security was explained clearly and often. So Mom made sure that my siblings and I understood that "once saved, always saved, " as promised in the Word of God. As for my being saved at such a young age, Mom had a saying she shared with people who questioned whether a child could be saved when very young. That saying, "When a child is old enough to sin knowingly, he (or she) is old enough to believe savingly, " was so helpful to me when my children and grandchildren were saved at young ages.