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Prophecy Series Begins Soon!

February 5, 2011 in Announcements, Headlines, Twitters

By: Kyle McCallum

The stage is being set for the most cataclysmic events the world has ever seen— events the Bible promised would come.

The Bible presents more than 900 prophecies on the second coming of Christ. This is nearly three times as many prophecies regarding the first coming! God presents a clear picture of the world in its death throes.

Prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, Matthew, and other books paint a picture of a darkened world in the future. A world filled with unrest, disease, immorality, strife, and war. The Bible says that if the end times were not cut short by the second coming of Jesus, the world would literally destroy itself.

Never before modern times has this even been possible. Nuclear weapons make worldwide destruction not only possible, but a real threat. New diseases are springing up all over the third world and spreading. Recent economic trouble is also a threat to our normal daily life. The story of humanity is speeding towards a dreadful climax and a joyful conclusion.

The Bible has proved over and over again to be a reliable historical source. Hundreds of manuscripts carbon dated hundreds of years before Christ’s birth give specific details about the messiah’s first coming. Jesus was the only one to fulfill these prophecies and could only do so because he is God in the flesh.

Join us as we begin our series on prophecy titled “The Writing on the Wall.” Keith McCallum and others will investigate Biblical prophecy and its relation to modern-day events and prophecies that have already been fulfilled. In a world filled with uncertainty, the Bible provides hope. It’s easy to feel anxious or worried watching these events unfold in the news, but understanding prophecy helps to develop confidence in the Lord in the worst of times.

Some topics we will cover:

  • God’s kingdom come
  • A one-world ruler
  • The re-gathering of Israel
  • Christ’s first coming foretold
  • The last world war

The series starts Saturday, February 19!